Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Conventional Skincare

Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Conventional Skincare

Increasing amount of studies have shown that these chemicals included in most conventional skincare are found to be carcinogenic.  I share this with you in hopes to spread the message to the consumers so that corporate companies can take accountability for the products they produce.

Many skincare brands include petroleum bi-product called MINERAL OIL, yes, it's a petroleum product that causes many skin conditions, including cancer.  

Why Should I avoid Mineral Oil?

Mineral oil is a colorless and odorless oil that’s made from petroleum. Our skin does not recognize this as a nutrient and it does not penetrate the skin. However it provides a coating that may feel smooth to the touch but it's actually harmful because it prevents our pores to breath and eliminate toxins from our body properly, causing breakouts on the skin and disease in the body.

See other toxic  ingredients to be avoided below: 

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