plasma coaster
$ 55.55

plasma coaster

Includes 1 plasma coaster.

These Plasma Coasters are created using Nano Coated Triskele which create their own plasma field of consciousness. These coasters will change the frequency of any drink placed on them by transmuting all of the particles in the beverage into high frequency particles. They are also created using sacred geometry and crystals which create a balanced energy field, assisting with balanced harmonics.

The triskelion or triskele (also known as the triple spiral or “Spiral of Life” is an ancient symbol with a powerful connection to water. Triskelions represent balance. When made of certain metals, they set up a bio-electric and bio-magnetic flow based on sacred geometry. They act as receivers and transmitters, with the ability to neutralize harmful energy, balancing yin and yang, masculine and feminine into balanced harmonics. Placed in or around water, they create energetic vortices that balance and bring crystalline structure to water (i.e. raising the vibration). These vortices also bring magnificent healing placed anywhere on the body, can be used to boost plant growth significantly or placed on your cell phone or pocket to protect you from harmful frequencies. After Nano-Coating, the balancing field of the triskelion expands exponentially, especially when created in the Unified Field.

When treating a copper wire with and appropriate amount of cold caustic or hot caustic for a certain amount of time, the process elevates atoms from the material of the coil to a more structured distribution of the copper and its oxides on the surface of the metal. The result is that the surface becomes superconducting to plasmatic fields, allowing the plasma from the universal field to flow through it! The surface will test as having infinite resistance and zero conductivity of matter state electric field flows.

The plasma activated GANS can be used to charge drinking water so that it carries plasma fields which contain sufficient information for the body to use and convert into matter state materials according to its needs. The water brings balance to the emotional, physical, nervous system as the body absorbs or releases imbalances. GANS adds consciousness to the water and to our bodies because GANS receives and radiates plasma fields that connect you to the Unified Field of Creation.