Who We Are

frecklefarm organics is alchemy infused skincare, curated with a selection of organic, high performance, plant-based ingredients that improve the skin’s appearance and health and while uplifting our inner being with essential oil that stimulate creativity, self-esteem, intuition, love and sexuality to bring out our beauty within.

we believe in modern day miracles, practice gratitude daily and care about nourishing our soul, our body and our Mother Earth.

our products are made in USA.



frecklefarm organics was born in 2011 from Juliana’s passion for natural beauty and spiritual alchemy. 

Juliana’s holistic and spiritual journey began in 2006, which later inspired her to apply her pharmaceutical experience to research and develop high performance, organic, natural products for herself and her friends.

Juliana holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Information Systems Management. She has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. This inspired her to proactively take control of her health. Since then, Juliana has completed her certification in Anti-Aging Skincare Formulation, certification in Organic Skincare, and she is Vinyasa Yoga Teacher certified.