rose hibiscus toner
rose hibiscus toner
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rose hibiscus toner

'rose hibiscus toner' is a firming, toning, moisturizing, organic mist made with rose water, hibiscus and jasmine extracts.  Use on your face, body and hair to hydrate the skin and achieve a radiant and youthful glow.  

Rose Water is considered as a rich source of antioxidants, which can help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue. Rose water can also acts as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which can be perfect for irritated, acne prone skin.

Organic Vegetable Glycerin is a natural source of moisture and is also helping the skin retain moisture. 

Beta-Carotene is a major source of vitamin a, contributing to the look of healthy skin. It also acts as an antioxidants protecting the skin from free radicals and pollution.   

Jasmine Extract rejuvenating the skin and uplifts the senses.

Hibiscus extract is good for softening skin as it works like an emollient, it a good antioxidant that firms and tones the skin. This powerful firming agent has a proven calming effect that instantly smooths wrinkles giving a person a youthful, healthy glow.  It also unclogs closed pores and is a good natural remedy for acne. 

    Ingredients: Rose Water*, Vegetable Glycerin*, Beta-Carotene, Hibiscus Extract*, Leucidal, Oat Extract*, Jasmine Absolute 


    Shelf Life: 6-9 Months

     Size: 4 fl oz


    Caution: Avoid if Pregnant

    Note: Always perform a skin patch test when trying a new product by: 1) applying a bit of the product on the inside of the wrist.  If no irritation occurs within 24 hours, 2) apply a bit of the product on a more sensitive area, such as the neck.  If no irritation occurs within 24 hours after applying the product 3) you can apply to the rest of the face and/or body.

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